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Let’s face it. Link building is hard. SEO agencies often charge you $1,500 a month, minimum for link building. We have several different link building services available for you. Each of these are “one-time” services and take 30 days to write and set up. Research has shown that the most effective types of links are found in long-form articles using your desired keyword as the anchor text. Here is what you get when you use our premium link building service.

  • 100% Genuine Outreach
  • Includes 500 Word Blog
  • 1 Anchor Text / Target URL
  • DA10, DA20, DA30, DA40, or DA50 depending upon the link building service you get.

Here is how our service works. When you check out, we’ll send you an on boarding email asking you for the following: (1) the page of the website you want to rank in Google, (2) the keyword that you want to improve your rankings for. When you purchase this link building service, please wait for 30 days for us to complete the article outreach and get your blog written and published.

Unfortunately, these links do not give us too much in terms of editorial control, since we are asking another website to publish a blog. We can suggest article content, but ultimately, they decide what gets published. We can guarantee the publication of a blog with your keyword and targeted page.

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